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Quality lead

At a glance

Founders and Coders
Closing date
1 year fixed
30 hours per week

Roles and responsibilities

  • Be our Ofsted nominee and ensure that we are well prepared for our next Ofsted inspection, including having all necessary documentation in place; 
  • Act as our Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Duty officer;
  • Engage with all stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Conduct annual self-assessment and maintain our Quality Improvement Plan;
  • Audit our documentation to ensure that it reflects our procedures as practised and that it continues to comply with ESFA and DfE guidelines;
  • Ensure that we are adequately measuring learner progress and taking steps to address any deficits in learning;
  • Design and ensure we are regularly collecting and reviewing learner and employer feedback surveys;
  • Be involved in the audit and submission of the data required to meet ESFA apprenticeship and DfE Skills Bootcamp funding requirements (previous experience of this role is not required, also see note 1. below);
  • Facilitate a regular quality team meeting (aka the ‘quality circle’);
  • Attend and actively participate in our curriculum circle and fortnightly review and planning sessions;
  • Support our hiring and admissions processes to ensure they are fair and equitable;
  • Lead in supporting the team with our continuing professional development;
  • Identify areas where you need support and bring them to the attention of the rest of the team, as and when needed;
  • Be largely present during term times.

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