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The FRA Platform Work Experience Programme

At a glance

Fashion Retail Academy
Paid Expenses
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This programme offers you:

  • Work preparation training – gives you the skills and confidence needed the first step in your career. You’ll go to workshops to help you write a CV, cover letters, application forms and prepare for interviews.
  • Skills you need to find a job – employers are at the centre of this course, the focus is on your skills and future success in employment
  • English and Maths – developing the skills you need for the workplace and boosting your job prospects, your long-term career progression, and earning potential!
  • Work experience – You’re guaranteed an exit interview with an employer reference, and you’ll be working alongside employees at the company
  • An improved CV – work placements give you great practical experience and experience on paper

You won’t get paid to do a traineeship, although your employer will usually cover the cost of food and travel expenses. There may even be a job opportunity at the end of your traineeship. If so, you’ll be given a chance to interview. But even if there’s no job available, you’ll still get an exit interview to discuss what you’ve learned, as well as a valuable reference for your CV.

Who can apply?

  • 16 – 18 year-olds
  • Must be eligible to work in England
  • Possess qualifications up to Level 3 (qualifications from college or sixth form)
  • Have little or no work experience, unsure of your skills but keen to work
  • Unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week

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